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    65th Anniversary of the Battle of Moscow

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    This week, Moscow celebrated the 65th anniversary of the launch of the counteroffensive (Battle of Moscow) on December 5.

    The counteroffensive was launched on 5 December 1941 along the front from Kalinin (Tver) to Yelets. The battles continued 200 days and involved over seven million men and officers, 53,000 field guns and mortars, 6,500 tanks and over 3,000 warplanes on both sides.

    According to Russian medias, the Russian government has issued a special decree on Tuesday, in commemoration of the Battle of Moscow, to award the veterans.

    This was widely celebrated in Moscow last week-end. I saw several reenactments, close to the Red Square (Theaters Place). Zhukov statue was decorated with special flags. A celebrations was supposed to take place this week on the Red Square (I say "supposed" because I left Moscow on Saturday night...) Several posters were displayed here and there.

    Here are some pics of them.


    Pic : ? Christophe ? ChR Collection

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    Dear Christophe,

    many thanks for the great pictures :beer: .

    It had been THE decisive battle in the GPW, because if the Nazis would have captured Moscow, maybe the history might have been developed in another way ;) .

    The design of the medal looks fine - at the first glimpse.

    Best regards


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    Here was the status of the preparation of the reenactment ceremonies, on last Saturday. This pic shows Teatralnaya pl.

    If someone has been lucky enough to take pics of them, please post!!!


    Pic : ? Christophe ? ChR Collection

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    I found this picture of the Jubilee Badge for the Defense of Moscow, issued by the Moscow War Veterans Committee. Looks quite similar to the Defense of Moscow Medal prototype...

    And now that we're on the subject of the 65th Anniversary of the Battle, here's a pic of the Remembrance Medal for 65 years of Destruction of the German-Fascist Troops near Moscow, issued by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF).

    Both pictures from zasluga.ru.

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