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    Order of Stalin

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    Present marketsituation for Russian Imperial & Soviet Orders


    NYC showed the same situation as Sothebey's in London, some weeks ago - here is a posting, where I showed some results of the auction in London: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?s=&showtop...st&p=127820 .

    The fact is, that it seems today very fashionable and trendy to collect Imperial Russian Orders - and there is enough money at the market ;) . So the hammer-prices went beyond imagination :cheeky: .

    Not so with Soviet Orders (the same is true for Royal vs. Communist YU-Orders!). The prices exploded also, but stayed at high, not "unthinkable", niveau.

    If the "Stalin-Prototype" is actually THE prototype, then the USD 60k are rather moderate. If ......

    I assume, that the prices for Soviet Awards will also grew drastically in the future :( .

    Best regards :beer:


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    But, then, my interests as a professional historian (not specialising in the USSR, otherwise I'd know Russian!) transcend the mere collection of "things" and of the fascinating stories beinnd them.

    Ed, granted that the collection of ODMs is to most more than just the collection of "things". But again, many of us chose to look at the stories behind the pieces that we collect as opposed to the ones that did not make it. My comments were bearing that in mind. :)

    From a historical point of view of the USSR every detail and every stone left unturned is a missed opportunity to learn more..... and there are surely many stones left to turn in such a great, historically abd culturally rich country.


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    I have just found out my Copy of Order of Lenin Order of Stalin, the design matches one in the book but it should have a blue back ground not red :unsure:

    Order of Victory

    Very true indeed actually. Although given that we are speaking of a "prototype" anything could be possible. Surprisingly that if this is an "original prototype" its in private hands, it just maybe failed to make it into Durov's 2005 book for some reason or other :rolleyes:

    Someone...somwhere knows the reasons :D


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