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    Hello all,

    I bought this pre WWI militarpass several years ago. I know very little of these things, but since the price was right and it was so well filled out, I thought I would take a chance. I wanted to post some photos here, hopefully they come out. The pfarrer was a Rev Gottfried Bourquin, Bavarian as I understand


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    Guest Rick Research

    REALLY bad too small scans-- except for the EK document and photo!

    MP simply shows annual reserve exercise attendance and conduct reports. The other entries are reporting in and out of address changes.

    I don't find any Bavarian awards for him, or non-Bavarian awards to him. Can't read where or when he was born.

    The Major "Boehm" who signed his EK document was from Infantry Regiment 43. He had been Adjutant of the 3rd Infantry Brigade in 1907 (Hauptman 27.1.06 Q4q), but retired from Infantry Regiment 175 1911/12 as a Hauyptmann with the uniform of IR 43. He's in the Honor Rank List as a retired Major, last in IR 175-- wartime command Etappen Kommandantur 142.

    You're lucky to have the PLACE there (environs of St Quentin) since normally they are just :banger: numbers.

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