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    Group with OPW 2nd class/MMM to Vasily Petrovitch Makarov

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    Hi everyone,

    this little group came in today from Alexei and i was asking myself, what this chap might have gotten his Military Merit Medal for? Is this a Long-Service award or a "real" award? Priviledges start in September 1946 (!), so i guess, he got the OPW in the month before, right?

    Impossible to say without research?

    I look forward to hear your opinions and speculations...

    Here is the group:

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    I'll make a wager and say that the MM is a long service 10 year award, and the OGPW is an award for wounds received during the War.

    Now let's see what the research actually comes up with!


    Thanks, Dave, thats a good start. That would be my guess too. A Long-Service MMM and an early catch-up award for wounds. I don?t know, if this is relevant in this connection, but the orders book is of the A-series, mostly given to officers.

    I?ll give it a shot and get it researched, even if i have enough catch-up awards for wounds now...

    Thank you too, Doc!


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