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    Post your best Destroyers badge

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    Hi folks,

    I have always loved the Destroyers badge by Schwerin Berlin. I would like to see what other Destroyer badges are out there.

    So let us see your best Destroyers badge.


    Jody :cheers:

    Here is my badge. There is actually no gilt missing anywhere on the badge (there is no gilt missing on the eagle, but it looks like it in the scan) and it is perfect (I feel it is hard to beat).

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    This badge belongs to my friend Tony Casale here in Arizona. It is very worn but it has a lot of personality. This was from a set that was broken up, and the winner of this badge also won the Spanish Cross in Bronze with out Swords.



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    Here is my dystroyer badge, found in an weekly junck market. I paied 5 Euro for it. I think it's original but I am not shure, can I get some opinions regarding this badge. i collect romanian militaria so I am not an expert in german ww2 badges. Here are the pictures of the badge.



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