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    Anyone knows Bronius Juozaitis?

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    Hallo Gerd, :cheers:

    With regards ALL unsolicited emails with regards collecting and militaria if they are offering stuff then buyer beware!!

    Regardless of the fact if they are based in the EAST or WEST.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    I had a couple of emails from this individual too, never replied to him, was a little concerned that emails arrived to the address I did not use on the forums or to communicate with other collectors. How did he find it?


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    He probably feels he's situated much closer to Putin and his Soviet medal watch dogs than he is to Bush and the Stolen Valor Act!

    As a policy I never respond to unsolicited mail unless of course it comes from someone I've dealt with in the past! I have also learnt to fear the some Ex Soviet Republics and am very very wary when rarely dealing with them. However, in this guys defence, its good to see that a few of you have actually dealt with him and say that he is at least reliable although not being an 'expert' in the field. Having said that, honest mistakes can still be very costly, especially if the guy does not give some sort of money back guarantee!

    Jim :cheers:

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    Well, his prices for soviet stuff are a little over the top, but he offered some named american medals for quite decent prices. I don?t know about the prices for american awards, but a named Bronze Star for 26 Dollar is not too bad, i guess.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am going to try this guy, when the opportunity arises.


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