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A friend of mine picked up this 3-place bar as part of a local estate sale; apparantly this was a US military vet bring-back. I know the first medal is the Prussian War Service Cross, but can anyone assist with the name/origin of the other two?

Thanks in advance.


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Both of these are from the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt. The middle medal is the War Honor Decoration to be given for merit that did not warrant a General Honor Decoration for Bravery or a Military Sanitary Cross (if the recipient was a man). The cross is the Silver Merit Cross with swords of the Order of Phillip the Magnanimous. A very nice bar in excellent condition. Congratulations.

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:jumping: An EXTREMELY nice bar, in immaculate condition.

The Philip was an odd Order-- back in the 19th century, swords were routinely given to all military recipients even in peacetime. But that is clearly a World War one. From the combination, to some sort of military official, I would venture. And if the award rolls for that ever turn up, perhaps possible to identify since that was normally a third or fourth up award for Hessians, and this guy didn't get an Iron Cross or the normal General Decoration-- making this all the more extraordinary for the lower possible awards it skipped right over.

A superb bar. :love:

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