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    Order of the Red Star, Nr. 128401

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    Award Card obverse. . .

    Last Name: Lashchagin

    First Name & Patrionymic: Vladimir Sergeevich

    Rank: Retired Engineer Colonel

    Sex: Male

    Birthdate: 1896

    Birthplace: Kaluga

    Party Membership: N/A

    Education: Upper

    Nationality: Russian

    In Red Army: 22.4.1918-20.10.1922, 9.9.39-2.3.41, and 24.7.41-4.26.41

    Place of Service & Duty position: Hedquarters, Railroad Troops, Leningrad Front; Section Chief

    Place of Service at present: (?) Karelo-Fnn USSR, Section Chief

    Home of Record: Leningrad, Krasnaya Street, Building 25, Apartment 21

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    Award Card Reverse. . .


    Bravery Medal/7733/Edict dated 21.3.40

    Order of the Red Star/128401/Leningrad Front 15.3.43

    Order of the Patriotic War, 1sr Class/67933/Leningrad Front dated 15.12.44

    Defense of Leningrad Medal/. . ./Edict dated 22.12.42

    Victory Over Germany Medal/. . ./Edict dated 9.5.45

    It would be nice to locate his Bravery Medal, Nr. 7733, and his Order of the Patriotic War, Nr. 67933. . .

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    Award Sheet. . .

    Last Name, Name, & Patrionymic: Lashchagin, Vladimir Sergeevich

    Rank: Military Engineer 1st Class

    Duty Position: Deputy Chief of the Technical Section, 9th Brigade

    Award Application for the Order of the Red Star

    Birthdate: 1898

    Nationality: Russina

    Party Membership: N/A

    In Red Army: since 22.6.41

    Inducted By: October Regional Military Commissariat

    Awards: Combat Service Medal

    Home of Record: Leningrad, Moika #96

    Short Description of Combat Feat or Accomplishments

    Comrade Lashchagin knows railroad affairs well and how to put them into practice.

    As the Chief of the Technical Section, Western Axis, he handles his work in an

    excellent manner, always on site, giving useful advice and rendering assistance in

    technical questions.

    During the construction of a temporary bridge across the Neva River he did an

    excellent job of distributing personnel and equipment and due to his resourcefullness and

    energy, he greatly assisted the Command to fulfill its mission.

    Signed Commander, 9th Railroad Brigade, General-Major Matishev

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    Award Sheet. . .

    Endorsed Chief of the Military Region - 2, Zubkov on 13 February, 1943

    Awarded the Order of the Red Star by Order 0547/N of the Leningrad Front dated 15.3.43

    What else is written on the bottom of this page?

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    Biography card with photograph. . .

    Deputy Section Chief, 31st Military Road Detachment, Western Front 4.1918

    Reserves 8.1922

    Chief of Reconstruction Technical Section 2.1939

    Reserves 2.1941

    Instructor, Commander's Advanced Course, Frunze Transportation Acdemy, Leningrad Front 7.1941

    Deputy Chief of Technical Section and Assistant Brigade Commander, 9th Indepndent Railroad Brigade, Leningrad Front 12.1941

    Chief of Quality Control Section, Headquarters, Railroad Forces, Leningrad Front 4.1943

    Chief of Lessons Learned Section, same 6.1945

    Released to reserves on 7.1.1946

    What is the "Lessons Learned Section?"

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    Dear Bill,

    many thanks for sharing your research about a high-ranking officer in a rare branch to us :cheers: .

    Railway construction is not as common, as infantry in terms of awards ;) - but a crucial service for the advance of the Red Army :D .

    Is it possible to you, to show us the Red Star also :unsure: ?

    Best regards :beer:


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    Biography Card. . .

    Adds that he studied at the Leningrad Transportation Academy in 1923. Fought against the White Finns September, 1939 through February, 1940, and on the Leningrad Front from July, 1941 through May, 1945. He was promoted to Engineer Lieutenant Colonel on 13.7.1945, and died 28.4.1953.

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    Guest Rick Research

    The modern handwriting at the bottom of the back of the nicely typed citation simply notes award of the Red Star by Decree of the Leningrad Front of 15 March 1943.

    I can't decipher what his civilian occupation was on line 12 of the front of his Award Record Card either. That should also be in box #19 of his personnel record shown in scan 7, but it looks like it was either in pencil or has been erased, so the contrast is not legible.

    Typically, notice that as basic a fact as his birthdate is different from his citation (1898) and his personnel file (20 June 1896). Still, you have his death date, which is a rare conclusion to find with research. :beer:

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    Ed, how could I make my efforts more scientific? I really do wish to learn.

    Sorry, Bill, I was unclear. I was referring to my comments and not your research. I don't much like the free-standing "wow" comments, but what you have presented here deserved that!

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