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    I would like to show you, my most recent find. I found it at a local antiques fair, and it did not cost me much. It's not a beauty, but it still has it's original colour, and label. The label says that it's called a "Meldeb?chse (Land)". It allso explains how to use it, and it is allso marked with the "Fl." number. It's in used condition. The smoke marker looks like it has been set off, hence the discoloration of the paint around the middle of the container. This container was used for sending written messages from aircraft, to ground based personell. Sorry, for the lousy picture, but it's the best I could manage. I tried to get a close up of the label, but it did not work out very well. I hope you like my latest find. :jumping:


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    What is it, exactly? A flare?

    Hello Paul

    It's not a flare. If you had a written message or order, that you had to deliver to a ground based unit, or it could allso be a downed aircraft crewe, I guess. The aluminium cap could be taken off, and the message put inside. You would then pull the igniter fuse. You then had one second to get it out of the aircraft. :rolleyes: The smoke would mark the landing spot. If anyone has any more information on this item, I would very much like to know.


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