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    I think we shall forget the so called "other" Soviet forum ... ;)

    That forum is "history" - nothing more :P .

    The owner of the "other" forum blocked now all the pictures for non-members, which is not a very friendly act :angry: .

    I myself had been one of the first - and one of the most active - members of the "other" Soviet forum. But the owner of that platform decided to kick out all "liberal" oriented members and to bann them for lifetime :rolleyes: .

    Best regards :beer:


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    Why did Art want to create a database just like the one created by Alex Filer? Now serial numbers will be scattered in these two databases. This new database has no added value, except Mongolian awards, but as Ed wrote, a lot has to be fixed in that section. Again Art makes me angry :angry:

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    I think I'll stick to the Mongolian section we have quite here. It seems to be the principle place for all lovers of Mongolian awards so don't quite see a need for spreading the knowledge over more places.

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