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    For Lippe admirers - 4 place medal bar w/2 NK medals

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    I finally received this today. I was a little pissed at the seller for waiting to send it, but I finally got it. It is a 4 place bar to a reserve officer. And it has 2 non combattant medals from Lippe. When I first saw the bar I almost discounted it as being a bar that was messed with since the SLK did not have the regular blue and white ribbon. Then I checked the Hessenthal and Schreiber book and it said the SLK was also awarded with a NK ribbon. If not for the H&S book I would have ignored this bar. The book is a great asset! The bar consists of:

    1. 1914 EK2

    2. Reserve LSC XX years

    3. Lippe-Detmold War Merit Cross 2nd class NK (1116 awarded)

    4. Schaumburg-Lippe Cross for Loyal Service 2nd class NK (281 awarded)

    The award numbers come from Dave Danner's website. Based on these numbers I would say this is a very rare bar. I was also very surprised to see a blue backing rather then red. Since blue usually indicates Navy I check my 1918 Navy Ranklist and no match. Too bad. While at this time the award rolls are not available I hope to in the future have the bar traced. If someone can discuss that manner in which the rolls are kept by the archive I would appreciate it.

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    Guest Rick Research

    This has got to be a literally unique combination. :cheers:

    From what I have of Neal O'Connor's correspondence with George Seymour, there DID exist in the Schaumburg archives something apparently like Detmold's receipts-only for this EXTREMELY rare cross. So while their ARE records, they are not "rolls," but individually filed paperwork.

    At some point, SOMEBODY will have to get into the archives and enter each receipt onto a transcribed roll. This PAIR-- with a "black-white" EK2 and the Prussian XX is going to LEAP off compared lists

    when they get done.

    This is a spectacular noncombatant combination! :jumping::jumping::jumping:

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    :Cat-Scratch: Wow...another very rare Detmold-Schaumburg union :love:

    Because of the former hostility between these two principalities, this bar is much rarer that you can imagine...

    If you need space in your rooms, I have always a place for it :D

    I don?t own a NC-war merit cross LD on a medalbar (yet).


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    I did email the Schaumberg-Lippe archiv and they responded that, as we know, award rolls do not exist. I asked them to tell me more about what they have and to send me a sample. I'll keep everyone posted.

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