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    8 Generations of Prussians

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    My dad used to talk about the winter of 45-46 as being the worst time of his life. Not only had they lost everything to the Russians, but they were literally starving. They had distended bellies, and my grandmother used to try and feed her six children with whatever she could find, mostly soups made from turnips stolen from a farmers' field. The highlight of that winter was feasting on a horse which had been hit by a train. In addition, my grandfather had recently returned, by a miracle, from a Soviet "Vernichtungslager" and was in such poor health that he almost died. It is hard to imagine the privations of that time, especially when you consider that my family had been one of some stature in East Prussia, and were reduced to living in such awful conditions.

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    Guest Leon Gall

    My desktop background. Hoping to indoctrinate my son in Prussian history. All the faces in one place help put it together. Many thanks to Rick L. for all his input. Still much to learn. Where are all those 17th Century and 18th Century regimental histories...


    I would like to access the "Rangliste der deutschen Armee" on line and search for my Great Great grandfather's record. He was a Sekondeleutnant some time between 1870 and 1892. Is this possable? I would like your advice as to how to do this. I thank you in advance for your post. Sincerely, Leon C. Gall [leon_gall@yahoo.com]

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    Thank you all for some very fascinating and enjoyable moments, with a few tears thrown in for good measure, while reading this thread. If anyone asks why we collect, I would just point them over to this forum and this thread. Thank God Brian has a profound interest in his family history, and has not broken up his Grandfather's medals to put a screen porch on the house, or buy a new motorcycle. (Actually many motorcycles! :cheeky: )

    Don't laugh, I purchased a M1860 Cavalry Officer's Saber by Horstmann from a decendant of the officer who was raising money to buy a Suzuki dirt Bike. I told him he was nuts, but he said he could care less about family history. What a shame.

    The family history is priceless. My Grandfather, Rudolph Martin Andolschek was an officer in the US Army late WWI, and post war. His father, my great-grandfather was an officer in the Austrian Cavalry, Martin Andolschek, who immigrated to Brooklyn, NY in the late 1800s. My Mom has his portrait in uniform, which someday I'll post if I can get a good picture of it. He was a top knotch wood engraver and craftsman, and made that his career here in the USA. He did the study and library of Theodore Roosevelt's Estate in Oyster Bay.

    Until I was older, I didn't understand why my Grandfather was so angry when I started collecting TR. He hated the Nazis with a passion I did not understand, until I read of the "Flower Wars", etc.

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    Guest Brian von Etzel

    Very nice response and thank you. Since the history books don't give him credit for his Corps commands at the time he had them, I have to make it clear. No danger of a new screen porch. I wonder how much we've paid since the fifties on safe deposit rentals on this stuff. Invested in IBM I think maybe by now I'd have enough to buy it all back and a few more collections to keep it company :blush:

    Martin Andolschek: You have a photo of the library woodwork he did? Must be out there.

    Here's a photo in Sagamore from HIS time.

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    Nice photo of the library. I'm not sure if that was Great-Grandfather's work or not, but I might venture a guess that it was. My Mom has been out to Sagamore Hill and has spoken in detail with the curators. I'll have to ask her.

    We have a lot of family pieces that he did including a Zither Table, and some plaques and screens. He did some church screens for some Catholic Churches in Brooklyn and Queens, too.

    My Grandfather dabbled in woodwork and wood carving too, but he was a CPA by trade. My cousin got all the wood carving tools as he was the only one that actually gave it a try. He's a NYC firefighter now, so it's just a hobby for him, too.


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