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    Johore: Most Honourable Order of the Crown of Johore


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    Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor

    Instituted: 31 July 1886, in 3 grades - Knight Grand Commander, Knight Commander & Companion.

    Not sure of the precise terms of award, probably one of the whole array of orders that the plethora of Malaysian royal families pass around between themselves.

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    These are real. You know how Malaysia orders her affairs, don't you? Several states, each with its own ruling house, joined as the Federation of Malaysia ruled by the head of one of the states' ruling houses, they take turns with a 5-year term of office I think. Each ruling house, plus the Federation itself, has its own set of honours. A lot just get traded between members of the ruling houses, of course, but they do get awarded to real citizens as well.

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    Eng Leong Medallic Industries/Royal Insignia, of Singapore, manufactured this order from 1990? to 2001 and may do so presently. Besides an array of Singapore and other honors, Eng Leong makes almost all Malayaian "federal and state" decorations. Visit their web site for some illustrations.

    Other Crown of Johore insignia makers include Gerrard, Spink, Halley and perhaps Cravanzola. Examples of this Order, other Malay orders and foreign (incuding royal Hawaiian) items may be viewed in a display of Johore's ruling family awards at the Johore Museum. One could visit this museum in an easy day trip from Singapore. The Singapore-Malaysia border crossing seldom takes more than 30 minutes either way.

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    As I am currently in Johor Bahru if anyone is really interested

    I can most probably get down to the Istana Besar museum and get

    pics of the collection on display....That's if they allow cameras

    inside.....if nobody is looking that's another story.

    I've also got some old pics from a 1950's magazine of the royal awards

    in wear someplace.

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    and very nice to place the pictures here Megan, as I was searching for this decoration recently, it was just a waste of my time as the pictures were all blurry or small.

    now you place the images here, thank you very much.

    Raz, more pictures would be nice! if you get the oportunity and time.

    Kind regards,


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    You're welcome, Jacky.

    On my website, the images are quite small to make the whole thing useable, but as things are added the high quality versions (or at least, a combination of HQ & small enough to fit within the 110kb limit) are going here... and into the OMSA database if they don't already have a picture of that item. Eventually stuff will get backfilled - it was one of the stars here that I added to my site, but I uploaded the lot here for you all to share.

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    Here's an article from a 60th year reign anniversary magazine of the then Sultan of Johore,

    Sultan Ibrahim, which gives a quick mention of the Order as well as a picture.

    As mentioned before, I also have magazine pics of some orders being awarded but the magazine text is

    all in Jawi script so I will need to first get it translated to figure out what is going on.


    Darjah Kerbat and Darjah Mahkota Johore.

    On 31st July 1886 Hi Highness the Late Sultan Abu Bakar had created two orders, the Darjah kerabat

    Yang Amat Di-Hormati, or the Most Esteemed Family Order, and the Darjah Mahkota Johore Yang Amat Mulia,

    or the Order of the Crown of Johore.

    His Highness the Late Sultan Abu Bakar was pleased to select and invest recipients for the Darjah Kerabat

    Yang Amat di-Hormati and the Darjah Mahkota Johore from amongst his family and also from amongst

    the nobles and members of the councils, as well as from high officials who ought to be recognized for

    their good works.


    The article goes on to cover the Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat Di-Hormati, if anyone is interested.

    Edited by Raz
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    Sorry guys, no time to get down to the museum this time. It'll have to be the end of the year

    before I am back in this part of the world again to get some pics.

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