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    KG 77 souvineer ceramic plate

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    Just a little bit more on the markings, I believe the Fl. U.V. is the abbreviation

    for Flieger Unterkunft Verwaltung or Flight Barracks Administration.


    Hello Bob

    I took the liberty to post a variation of the marking on your plate. This time with a straight winged eagle. I don't know why a straight winged eagle, sometimes would be used. I have seen it, on a few items.

    All the best


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    Hello to all

    I have two another interesting items with logotype of FLUV. These items remain after war in our house in Zabrze (german: Hindenburg) in Silesia province. We know that this house was a place of some Government Office, but we have no sure if it was Luftwaffe or these items are here by surprise.

    The first is ladle (for soup vase) made of Aluminium and another is ceramic, simple white plate with logotype on backside.

    Ladle is in use in our family but we think about selling it at Polish Ebay - or Allegro service but we have no idea are these ones some value for collectors.






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