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Turkish War Medal in my future?

Bob Hunter

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Internal lid markings very different from those in the parallel thread but similar and only similar to the markings of case for Marshall's magnificent EKI. Here the markings use the same type style. The address line on Marshall's uses a different type style. The shape of the crown here differs substantially from the shape found in Marshall's case.

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I think the star is fine. The case does not seem to be consistent with period markings for Godet. BTW, I think the price is as outrageous as the one sold by DR @ 1700. I'm sorry, as beautiful as the TWM is, it's not $900 piece, IMO. But a seller may ask any price he sees fit, it is certainly his right to do so.

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Hi Bob

I can offer the following and hope it helps...

First off, this is in my opinion a cheap facsimile of the Godet logo as it appeared in there 1914 EK cases, and I can see no reason for them to have 'downgraded'..

I know of 4 of these EK cases - 1 is mine, 2 are owned by friends of mine and the fourth is on page 140 of Bowens book. ALL have the same double line logo and significantly different lettering.

Here is the logo in the one you are looking at (left) next to mine (right).


And here is further evidence of a case I would have a lot more faith in... exhibited by Gordon W some time ago ...'in a different place'... and significantly different in both maker logo and catch construction.


In my opinion, the Star itself is good, the case is a modern reproduction, and it is indeed THE same set sold by Der Rittmeister a few months ago.

Not for me I'm afraid...



oops - didn't see the 'prallel thread' - now you have it twice!

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Well, that's interesting as DR marked his as "sold" almost instantly after his update. Now it's being offered for $850 less than he "sold" it for? My guess is there's probably several of these cases floating about...... The star is a killer though and I have no problem with its' authenticity. Color, materials, workmanship and maker's marks are all consistent with the quality I would expect from Godet

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What I simply can not get around is that the Turkish War Medal, no matter how spectacularly enamelled and how much solid silver was poured into a super deluxe private purchase piece...

was still the absolute BOTTOM of the Turkish awards system.

So how much is a Super Deluxe Extra Special ... EK2? (Indeed, by the end of 1918 for most German recipients, this was absolutely nothing but a campaign medal, totally degraded from earlier esteem as a decoration.)

Of course, this is why I do not HAVE one of these, but I simply cannot justify to myself that much money for something that ... pretty but lowly.

TWMs are not rare, though specific individual German made upgrades (and virtually all of those date from the 1920s, after wartime precious metals shortages were over) may be. What ARE rare are things like Imtiaz Medals with sabers bars, and any of the Orders with sabers. And those do not command the sort of "market" prices that seem to be being paid for mere TWMs these days.

I suspect "investment" buyers who do not actually understand the position of the TWM in the 1 to 10 level of Ottoman decorations are over-valuing LOOKS above what they were actually awarded FOR.

BTW, my deepest pity to whoever the fool was who paid four figures for the Nutmeister example. speechless.gifspeechless.gifspeechless.gifspeechless.gif

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By the by, Liaket Medal prices have sky-rocketed this year. You couldn't give them away at $100 about a year ago...... I've watched several nice examples top $200 loose in the last few months. An Imtiaz? If you can find it, way up. I've seen one gold in the last 25 years and it went in excess of 960 Euro!

Unfortunately, it would seem the world has been listening. Lurkers & Prowlers are fighting each other with the knowledge they have gained by reading here!!

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