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    Why not a "The low countries" section?

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    Without wanting to offend our Belgium friends I wonder if it isn't better if there is a section for the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands etc) instead of a pure Belgium section. There are a lot of Dutch users and topics on this forum.

    The Netherlands just doesn't seem right in this section:

    Northern European & Baltic States: Non Communist Era

    For all Militaria, Orders, Medals & Decorations relating to the follwoing European (Non Communist) States: Dennmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway & Sweden.

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    Thats also an option. But I think that the UK deserves a own part because the large number of Uk visitors?

    It has it and has, I think, had such a section since the inception. This is not so much reflecting the origin of the management or the visitors, I think, but merely accepts the broad-based and multi-national interest that exists in "UK" medals. This is not a level of interest, I might observe, that seems to exist for the "Low Countries". I would hope we avoid unnecessary forum proliferation.

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    What about a Western European Section


    Originally there was a Western European section ... due to the large amount of posts therein, it was decided to split those up through creating a number of new geographically based sections. Among the posts at the time, the majority were on French and Belgian medals and this caused separate sections for those two countries being created.



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    A section with more attention to the Netherlands would seem a good idea to me, however I must conclude that the Low countries won't work, Luxemburg hasn't got a military history which atracts many people, so only the Netherlands and Belgium will be much spoken of, Belgium has a lot of medals and where involved in WW1, around the world more people collect belgium for those reasons instead of Dutch, there isn't as much attention for Dutch items as for Belgian.

    Therefore I think it is good like the way it is now.

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