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    Rare and Historicaly Interesting Document.

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    Picked this up the other day. Sort of a plain jane document. The jist of the transaltion is thanking the soldier for helping and doing an excelent job in forming the new Hungarian Military - what makes it so interesting is that 1) its from Debrecen where the Hungarian Provisional Government was formed Later in 1944. In the hopes that it would be the resulting leadership after the Budapest (Arrow Cross) government had capitulated. 2) The 'New Democratic Army' at that time was such a small number and there were no medals begin handed out for anythign - things like this are about all one soldier could hope to get for their service. So - 3) its rare!

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    Not one of the most prety documents but it is realy fancinating :jumping:

    Well done another nice find :jumping:

    Order of Victory

    Nope - not pretty - to me it looks like they were plannning to have the border colored - but never got around to doing it. Wish I could read the embossed stamp - but it was in a picture frame for a while so its mostly obliterated. Still - its nearly one of a kind.

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