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    Guest Rick Research

    I can't see any images after the third scan in post #2. That's the problem with remote image hosting rather than just POSTING them HERE.

    But that is the most amazingly PERFECT late war alloy Merit Medal I have ever seen! :jumping::jumping::jumping:

    Aha! My reply has tricked the Image Hosting Gods and NOW I can see the photos!

    I've got several cyclist photos, but have never seen a LICENSE PLATE, either. "5.K. 169 Nr. 5" :cheers:

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    Very very nice,

    it appears that there aren't even scratches from tinkling the EK against the verdienstmedal!!

    Might be a sign that this bar was hardly worn, as this construct makes the medals tinkling against each other, often orders have damaged enamel where the medals hit each other.

    But this is indeed nice and crispy, perhaps even juicy with the pictures ;)

    Sounds like dinner, although it's breakfast for me now :P

    Very very very nice group, surely together with the pictures

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    Hallo Hardy. :beer:

    thats a real Gem of a Baden Medal :love:

    I attach a couple of pictures showing a couple of Baden's from my collection,

    the first shows the perculier style Baden ribbon Ose has been detached from the medal, a very common occurance.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    And here is one that has either lost the ribon Ose and then adapted to hang from a spange,

    or was purposely altered to hang from the Spange hooks in line with the other awards. :o

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

    Edited by Kev in Deva
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    While reading the history of FAR 14, I came across an interesting little factoid. On 22 December 1917, it was announced that the Grand Duke had awarded the Silver Merit Medal on the Ribbon of the MKFVO to all Baden soldiers (Mannschaften in the book, so I don't know if it applied to NCOs as well) who had served in the field since the beginning of the war. Apparently, the Grand Duke deemed surviving over three years in the trenches to be a meritorious feat on its own.

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