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    Gentlemen I have been remiss in not introducing you to Rittmeister Bodenstedt, Hussar Regiment 13 (King Humbert of Italy).

    The credit for the biographical research goes to the late distinguished mentor of our own Rick Research, with some fine tuning by Rick and Tony Colson. (Thanks Rick & Tony) The photos are from a pre WWI history of the regiment and was obtained from Ebay based on a heads up from our own Mike Huxley. (Thanks, Mike)

    Rittmeister Bodenstedt served his entire career with Hussar Regiment 13 (King Humbert of Italy) and was killed in action at Kutno on the eastern front on 16 November 1914.

    Leutnant 18.8.00 M10, probably vorpatentiert in 1902

    Oberleutnant 27.1.10 P12p

    Rittmeister 4.7.14 but seniority cannot be determined due to his death

    He attended the Militl?r-Reit-Institut around 1907. He was the Regimental Adjutant in 1913 and had no awards as of May 1913. He received all three between May 1913 and February 1914.

    The bar consists of the Prussian Order of the Crown 4th Class; Italian Order of the Italian Crown, Officer Grade in gold, maker marked; Italian Order of Saints Mauritius and Lazarus, Knights Cross in gold, maker marked.

    Why the Italians gave him two orders in six months will remain a mystery. Bodenstedt wore his foriegn decorations at a time when Italy and Germany together with Austria-Hungary formed the so called Triple Alliance and were still allies. This ended the following year when Italy signed the 1915 Treaty of London and decided to join the allies. Bodenstedt was dead by then but his medal group remains. In the spring of 1914 it must have looked like he had a glorious career ahead of him.

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    Guest Rick Research

    At this point we don't even know his first name. But that is part of the satisfaction of research-- there is always hope for MORE.

    Bob has his distinct, unique awards, and although tiny and newsprint dotted, a FACE.

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    Andy Baus in Germany consulted his Ehren-Tafel der Gefallen K?niglich-Preu?schen Kadetten and it indicates the first name of Rittmeister Bodenstedt to be Waldemar. No date of birth is given.

    I would still like to learn what Glenn's sources reveal to him.

    ...and another piece of the puzzle drops into place. beer.gif

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    Hi Bob,

    I will root through my stuff and see if I can come up with any additional information. As Andy remarked at WAF, the dead Prussians' book is very unserviceable indeed when it comes to first names!



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    Thanks Glenn. I wonder how his friends addressed him? Waldemar seems a bit formal for everyday use. Is there a common nickname for Waldemar?


    sometimes I wonder if they ever used Christian names after childhood! When you see marriage and engagement announcements and birth announcements in the Milit?r-Wochenblatt like:

    We are pleased to announce the birth of a healthy daughter -


    Leutnant in K?rassier-Regiment Nr. 3

    etc, etc

    or Company commander`s horse for sale, enquires to


    Hauptmann in Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 132




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    Guest Brian von Etzel

    I knew someone in Germany named Waldemar and he went by Wally. With a V sound at the beginning...

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    Rittmeister Waldemar Bodenstedt:

    Graduated from Gro?-Lichterfelde on 20 March 1899

    Char. F?hnrich: 20.3.99

    F?hnrich: 16.11.99

    Leutnant: 18.8.00 M10m

    Oberleutnant 27.1.10 P12p

    Rittmeister: 4.7.14

    1901: 1./H.R. 13

    1902: 5./H.R. 13

    1903: 5./H.R. 13

    1904: 5./H.R. 13

    1905: 5./H.R. 13

    1.10.1906: Two year course at the Milt?rreitinstitut in Hannover

    1907: "

    1908: 2./H.R. 13

    1909: 2./H.R. 13

    1910: 5./H.R. 13

    1911: Adjt. H.R. 13

    1912: Adjt. H.R. 13

    1913: Adjt. H.R. 13

    1914: 4./H.R. 13

    Rittmeister Waldemar Bodenstedt as a non Selekta or Oberprima class student graduated from the normal senior class of Gro?-Lichterfelde in March 1899 and therefore had no claim to predated seniority. He therefore was commissioned some 17 months later in his regiment after attending a war school and passing the officers' examination.



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    Nice photo, Mike. I take it those troopers are armed with Mauser carbines?

    The book I got covers the history of the regiment from organization to 1913.

    I was outbid on the WWI history by a bid that was even more insane than my own.

    I had hoped for some information on his death in the action at Kutno.

    Here is a picture of the book I'm hunting. If anyone sees it please buy and I guarantee a handsome profit and a finder's fee.

    Edited by Bob Hunter
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