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    Austrian Field-Pilot Badge 1st model?

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    My two cents worth is that this is a very bad copy. Two things immediately leap out at me and they are the wire securing the eagle onto the wreath and the shortness of the eagles wings. Possibly a Hungarian made example, but definately not a war time one.

    These particular badges have been discusse many times on this particualr forum and always the same out come....very few where awarded and even fewer would have survived in totoday's market.


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    in my opinion it should be an old piece made for private purchase. The current copies made in Hungary (f.e. from Horvath) seem quite different. There exist pieces made in the time of issue, where the eagle is secured to the wreath by means of bent wire, instead of the typical (official) riveted mount, as it appears on any piece made from Zimbler. In any case, a definitive response cannot be given on pictures only: I think that any piece needs a thorough, direct study.

    The piece here illustrated looks quite damaged (cut-away wings' tips; chipped enamel etc.).

    In any case, collectors should be VERY careful with all types of Feldpilotenabzeichen, Luftfahrerabzeichen, etc.

    I think it should be better to wait and buy a piece of official type and manufacture.

    Best wishes,

    Elmar Lang

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    I think this is a recent attempt to copy a style of badges that was made by Zimbler between 1919 and 1925... I was waiting to comment so I could show examples of the piece(s)/style I am referencing. I am having connectivity issues at the moment due to a construction project and having difficulty sifting through my reference photos from my badges. More as soon as I can dig up the images. Bottom line, this one's a copy, IMO.

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