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    Based on the recent posts by Chris concerning Bavarian jaeger items, I thought there might be some interest in this. This is a beautiful M-1910 Bavarian jaeger officer's waffenrock and schirmmutze from a friend's collection. The rank is for a full colonel, so perhaps it would be identifiable.






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    Very, very, very nice indded.... way cooler than an SS wrapper !!!!

    Now that would make for an interesting discussion in some places, probably on the scale of the "Rounder Debate."

    Very nice tunic btw.

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    A question to the rank on the tunic...

    I was trying to figure out who it could have been...

    The usual bavarian J?ger unit is a batln. The 1st, 2nd and 2nd Reserve never had a full colonel. The 2nd had a Lt col for the first 2 months of the war... after that all three had mainly Majors, often Captains and sometimes Oblts commanding them.

    The parent 1st J?ger Regt had a Lt Col for a time, but usually commanded by Majors.

    That leaves the 1st reserve but I dont see a Colonel commanding that.

    The only other possibility I see would be maybe J?ger regt 3, which had Bavarian elements. Maybe Chip can help there?

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    Even the regimental commander, Ralf von Rango, was not an Oberst until very late in the war, so I think you can count the 3.J?ger Rgt. out.


    Any idea who else could have been a full colonel?

    (Ralf von Rango..... sounds like the bad guy ina german made Western ..... ;-)

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