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Hi all, here is my latest addition to my colonial cave... jumping.gifjumping.gifjumping.gif The finish medals are detailed in the finish thread but I want to show this beautiful double lined colonial clasp here... not very often seen!!!! I think some of you will know the owner or may find it out... some minutes of guessing for all others, enjoy!!!


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Just remember-- we NEVER give out the numbers awarded of higher grades Crosses of Liberty because...

what dealers do NOT know, they cannot charge US more for! beer.gif

Wouldn't you know it, but when this bar came up, I scribbled together research and now I can't find it.

Was this George Seymour's? I don't remember it, among so many other treasures.

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Oh good. I thought After witnessing the alarming mental deterioration of my Evil twin lately, I had begun to suspect that I too was going soft around the edges. wacko.gif

August Altvater

born 26 June 1880, died 10 January 1930

Navy 12.4.98-17.3.19

Lt zS 1901

Oberleutnant zur See 28.3.03 Pp

Kapit?nleutnant zS 30.3.08 M

Korvettenkapit?n zS 17.10.15.

Crown 4 X on "Bussard"

1st Officer of "Albatross" to February 1915, Navigator "Prinz Adalbert" to March 1915, Chief of Auxiliary Minesweepers Division at Swinem?nde to October 1915,

Chief of the II. Minensuchs-Division to July 1918

then commander of 2. Abteilung/II. Werft Division and commandant of the school ship "Lothringen" to war's end.

Married before 1914, wife Clemence born 19.11.18XX

Hohenzollern House Order 3X gazetted 31 May 1918, clearing mines for the landings in Finland.

Member of the MOV # 3677, in 1928 self-styled "Havarie und Schiffafhrts Expert" living at Schlankreye 23, Hamburg. Telephone: Nordsee 6467

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ahhh yes, just like driving. As with medal bars. Sometimes our "Orderly German Friends" are anything but!  tongue.gif

This is a trifle outside Imperial but I have two different award documents for the '39 EKII to the same sailor from two different headquarters dated within 10 days of each other covering his participation in the Narvik operation. So much for German efficiency... wink.gif I framed 'em! biggrin.gifbeer.gif

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