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    Luftwaffe Air Traffic Control visor cap

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    Another view of the maker (Albert Kempf of Ronsdorf or Alkero) 1939.

    Photos were taken using a flash, I have been on shifts, and haven't been able

    to take any photos in daylight (yet).

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    Jeez Bob - another stunner! I don't know how you do it. A bit off topic, but have you ever known an early droop-tail eagle (like on the hat you've posted here and elsewhere) to have flat rather than round attachment prongs?


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    Thanks for the comments Paul and Scott, I thought maybe the black piped bad boy had scared scared any comments off!

    Yes I am very happy with this one, I have only ever seen a couple of them for sale over the years, and this is a beauty.

    I really admire what Gene has done with his collection, and he has inspired me to try and get a reasonable set of

    Luftwaffe visors together. (I think I will leave the uniforms to Gene, Scott and Paul :cheers: ).

    Regarding the prongs Scott, I have only encountered the round type, Gene (or Jos) would be the guys who would be

    better qualified to answer that one, I wouldn't be surprised if they exist.

    I am currently at work doing a day overtime, and my wife has to go to the Post Office to pick up a parcel with another

    Luftwaffe visor cap in it, how does rose-pink piping sound, I am looking forward to getting home and getting into that

    box, will do some photos of that one over the weekend and see what the boys say about it.... and I hate waiting, only

    4 hours left before I can get at it.....


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    Thanks very much Jan Arne, it is kinda addictive though! This is the first light green piped visor

    that I have physically seen in the flesh, I don't think there would be too many here in Australia.

    (I am still at work for another 20 minutes, so am almost there for my new parcel....)


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