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    Luft Summer Eagles, different makers etc ..

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    Yup, throw them in, please..

    Check your tackle boxes etc..

    Zink, aluminum, buntmetal, silver, gold..., early, mid- or late war..

    Originals or fakes..

    Good shape or bend..

    Even railway eagles with a needle system..

    I can take them all.

    Just open those drawers and expose your Summer luft eagles, please.

    Also era pics are welcome.

    I'm waiting.. ♪♫♪


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    Hi Folks,

    Nice classic stuff !


    I love the buntmetal drooptail, they're great quality.

    Then the aluminum small A DRGM, nice one too..

    Then one with a crimped in hinge.., scarce, but not rare.., nice bird.

    I think Ramckes eagle is a gold one, but heavily polished, so it might look like silver.., compared to his gold buttons the color is closer than compared to the frame of his KC, no ?


    Classic late war zinker, nice original.

    I asked for diffent makers, but in fact I should've said different patterns, because we'll not see any makermarks other than Assmann, I'm afraid..

    At the moment I've 8 different makers and I think I've seen 4 others over the years , which makes 12..

    Only the Assmann's were marked and I've seen one drooptail marked Steinhauer & Luck .

    I've 2 different eagles with crimped in hinge and 2 plated in KupAl, aluminum covered with a sheet of silver plated copper..

    Like to find more patterns in future.

    Will post some soon.


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    Many pics are showing Summer eagles on different kind of jackets, shirts and even caps..

    I've seen them sofar on the white 4 pocket jacket, but also on leather jackets, tropical jackets, HBT jackets, flight blouse, the 4 pocket garbadine, shirts and Winter caps..

    Here's a strange one..

    A General with Summer eagle over the triangular shirt eagle..


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    I dont own one, but you guys have posted some great examples. I really like the Luftwaffe Official's grouping. Can you please make a new thread and post some closeups of his photo and paperwork? Admin stuff is of particular interest to me!! :jumping::jumping:

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