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I recently receive the piped tunic on Heer Oberst Julius Buchert. He made it to Oberst in 1938 and spent most of the war in the Fuhrer Reserve. I received copies of his military records. I would like to know if the records may shde light on why he did not make it to General



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Hello Juan.

Oberst Buchert was listed in the "Rangliste des Deutschen Heeres 1944/45 " in the section S meaning Offiziere in Sonderverwendungen or officers in special duty posts. Officers listed in this part of the ranklist were those officers who were not deemed suitable to serve with troops and :

their promotions were slower than officers serving with troops

and these officers rarely saw advancement to General Officers.

As you can see Oberst Buchert's assignments were as commandant of cities or troop training grounds.

Bernhard H. Holst

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:Cat-Scratch: Frau Buchert definitely put the brakes on his career. :speechless1:

Remember that Field Marshal von Blomberg had been finagled into a scandal with his marriage to an ex-prostitute and had to resign for having embarassed Hitler (supposedly) as an official witness at the ceremony. That, of course, was a convenient excuse for sweeping the high command out after the overall purge of lower ranking generals in February 1938 ( that quietly paralled the purge of the professional non-Nazi diplomatic corps) who had proven... less than enthusiastic about plans for the coming war.

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I guess he was loyal to his wife. He stayed in the Heer so he was lucky was not dismissed. I scaned a 6 page letter bty him to the Heer personnel office and a reply. Thanks to Nexus german knowledge we may know more. I guess he may had been lucky that he was not promoted as he may had endured a lot of hardship and probably longer captivity.

These document was signed just befor the war started

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First is a personal copy of the original signed file copy of 16 August 1939 retirement for Buchert EFFECTIVE 31 AUGUST 1939. :rolleyes: NO coincidence, there!!!! :catjava:

The second is just a routine and :sleep: letter of "thanks" for all his service in war and peace and


you're outta the army in TWO WEEKS. :catjava:

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Perhaps the earlier paperwork reveals more. He was young, not sick (himself), and when every warm body with at least 2 extremities was being pressed back into service, for him to be retired suggests

1) major problems with him (none seen so far)

2) major problems with wife (seen SOME explanation for that)

3) political hostility

4) running afoul of the Nuremburg Laws somehow.

I have a Bavarian civil servant group where the former WW1 reserve officer was cashiered from his job just as the Nuremburg Laws came in. He was a Protestant, so political enmity over Catholic Center Party politics under Weimar seems unlikely. I suspect his wife, too, may have been the "problem" somehow. Didn't keep him from being recalled and promoted during WW2.

Buchert was immediately called back, serving in sporadic dead end garrison jobs. But according to the records Juan has posted, ended the war commanding Grenadier/Security Regiment 613 in 203rd Inf Div as of December 1944. The scan there suggests some OTHER disciplinary matter, but only the front is shown. That doesn't seem to have anything to do with the earlier wife-falling-down-drunk-in-public court proceeding... unless that is when it finally came up.

If he got dumped out AGAIN at this point, it probably saved his life-- since the 203rd was being pounded to smithereens the alst year of the war by the Soviet advance through Poland into Germany.

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Interesting he was immediately recalled as commander of the important training area Hammelburg - there were rear-area posts with much less responsibilities.

BTW, that ribbon bar should of course not go with the tunic!

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Thanks for all the help. The robbon bar does not belong to the uniform. It was used to hide a small defect on the uniform.

He had a good career. In the USA ARMY only a small percentage make it to General. This is the chronology of his career

He was born in 3-6-1891

Joined the Army in 1911

18-12-1911 Uffz

22-3- 1911

22-3-1912 Fahnrich

10-11-1912 LT

22-3-1916 ObLT

12-3-1930 Hptm

1-4-1933 Major

1-11-35 Obstlt

1-4-1938 Oberst

I am attaching some more scans



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