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    As I know , there are only two Marshal stars awarded to Choibalsan and Tsedenbal. I have no idea where is Star of Choibalsan, but had chance to see Star of Tsedenbal (in Central bank of Mongolia). if this topic is interesting I can provide some pics. Regards.

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    Pictures would be great. All I could contribute would be to scan the pictures from Battushig's book and his later article on Tsedenbal's star. And I don't like recycling images from the work of others

    So far as I know, both stars are today in the Central Bank, though Choibalsan's may have surfaced from the national museum.

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    Pictures would be great. I think it's especially interesting to see how Tsedenbal's Star is so much more soviet than Choibalsan's. I have a pic somewhere of a Soviet Marshall star, let me look, so we can compare the soviet one to Tsedenbal's

    Best regards


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    It is my understandoing that what remains is deep in storage, and you need to know someone who knows someone who knows . . . . I believe a proposal had been floated to put some of these goodies on public display at the time of the 800th anniversary celebrations, but this seems not to have happened.

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    The best images I have ever seen of the Chpoibalsan star are in Battushig's book. For the Tsendenbal stars (I think two were made?), you may want to glance at the very short article:

    Dr. Achitsaikhan Battushig, "Der Rang eines Marschalls der Mongolischen Volksrepublik und seine Verleihungen," Militaria[p/i], 29, 1 (Januar-Februar 2006): 30


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