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an order of national merit variation?

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From my source (a limited run book on the 1956 awards that was photographed!) This is the Order of Hungarian Freedom Ist Class for Nationals. Similar breast star with black enameled cross is for foreigners.

so a non-communist award? Can we consider it as a rare piece?

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Yes - this award was created in 1992, but its more of a commemorative order in nature. Rare? Its a perspective as the state mint seems to have dumped the remaining strikes on the market lately. A very rough estimate would be a production run of about 5000 pieces? Is there a serial number on the reverse?

Below is a photo of the award given during the communist time for participation in the Hungarian 1956 Revolution (for siding with the Soviets!) about 20,000 of these were awarded. They were given for participation in actual combat against Hungarian Revolutionaries, for those killed in action (who remained loyal to the HUPR at their death - mostly these were AVH or Secret Police), for remaining steadfastly loyal to the communist government (a recipient that I know was awarded hsi for being the school prinipal and not allowing his students to go to Budapest)

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This is also another award given for more 'valiant' acts of supressing the Revolution. Order of Merit of Hungarian Freedom in Bronze (there was also a silver grade) Of both grades about 2150 were awarded in total.

thanks a lot for all these detailled facts. A friend of mine found it in Paris, while looking for communist periode awards (suc as National Flag order). I don't believe he'll keep it ; I suppose he'll be happy to sell or trade it.

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