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    Nationalsozialisticher Deutscher Marinebund (NSDMB)

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    Robert, I know zip about the badge you show, other than having seen two other examples like it, but non raised GES. GESCH. is not unknown.

    My GDAO badge has an impressed G--.G----.

    It's difficult to tell from images some times whether a mark is raised or impressed, but I believe some of the R.K.K. Reichs Kultur Kammer pins have impressed G--. G----.

    What about your NSKG example?


    Link to NSAO, GDAO, GAO.


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    Nice badge Robert. I've been asking myself the same question re the notch as well....... Joe is correct about the GG mark, there are accepted instances where a stamped marke is OK, this nbeing one of them.

    Here's my 25, the eagle is a little off centre on this one. I've been chasing a 40 for a while, I've almost caught it, just a little way to go......






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    Joe Correct about NS-Hago. Astute observation. Beleive it or not, I actually parted with my NSKG!! Needing to accumulate funds for a large tinnie purchase on layaway from an esteemed European collector. Oh, and Don, would you know how the Eagle is secured to the rest of the badge? :speechless1: Robert

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    I think that it was some type of glue, similar to what was used on the Kreissiegers & Gausiegers etc. Sometimes they slip a little before setting........

    Normally they are set perfectly in the centre like yours, but occasionally they are found slightly off.......



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