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    medals on foreign legion tunic


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    Hi I bought this foreign legion tunic, with medalbar ribbon.

    Could anybody tell me what they are for?

    the tunic was made in WW2, and according to the seller was also used in Indo china.

    thanks for any info on this nice tunic.

    kind regards,




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    thanks for the quick reply, it's very helpfull.

    would you perhaps know what the other emblem is?

    is it for the rank or something else?

    Thank you.

    kind regards,


    Sorry, I know very little about French (or most) uniforms. I know we have some forum members with good (and personal) knowledge of the Legion. They should be able to "read" the rank badge easily.

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    The ranks badge is for a Chief Corporal (Caporal-Chef) who has served between 15 and 20 years in the Legion. The three chevrons underneath the central diamond are re-enlistment chevrons, one for each five year period served. The fact that there is no unit numeral in the centre of the diamond means that the badge dates from post Indochina, they stopped putting numerals in during the mid 50's (I cannot remember the exact year but it was about 57). This is consistent with the medal ribbons.



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    Hello Roeland

    I fully agree with the comments already made.

    Just a few words about the rank of "caporal-chef"; he is still a ranker, and as such he would wear the white k?pi, with the distinction of a gold "chin strap" instead of the black worn by private, pfc and corporal. The sleeve-badge also has a gold grenade, similar to the badge worn by NCOs and officers.

    It is not a generally registerded fact that NCOs and officers DO NOT WEAR A WHITE KEPI, but the regular Infantery black with red top and gold piping. The Cavalry Regiment wears distinctive silver on all badges and rank stripes that are gold in the other Regiments (Infantry, Parachute, Engineers).

    A very interesting addition to your collection, I am sure.

    All the best


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    thanks for all the information, it is very helpfull.

    The uniform is dated January 1945.

    As stated, the emblem and medals date from much later, has it been used that long?

    The uniform is in a very good condition, normally I wouldn't expect a tunic to be used for over 15 years, and especially beeing in that condition after all that time.

    kind regards,


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    It is a very good and also rare FFL Uniform.

    Do you know the name of the owner of the Uniform ??


    Hello K?pi blanc

    I am not so sure this uniform would qualify as FFL (Forces Fran?aises Libres). This denomination is restricted to troups who joined the Gaullists between 1940 and 1943. Later the regiments who had made the FFL up were included into the French Army as such in the campaign in Italy as part of the 1?re Div. Fran?aise Libre which was to become the 1e Div. Motoris?e d'Infanterie during the campaign in France 1944/45.

    The 13e 1/2 Brigade de la L?gion ?trang?re belonged to that division.

    The two other Legion regiments (R?giment de Marche de la L?gion ?trang?re RMLE and the R?giment ?tranger de Cavalerie REC) were part of the 5th Armoured Division. The RMLE was the armoured infantry and the REC the recce regiments.

    Both regiments were fully equiped with american GI uniforms and weapons. The 13th 1/2 Brigade retained british equipment to a point.

    Best wishes for the New Year


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