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    KK Küster, Carl 1895-1919 service dates

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    I am looking for a pic of KK Küster, Carl. He was in the German Navy from 1895-1919. He survived the war and actually got recalled during WW2. He served in staff positions and commanded a volksstrum battalion in 1944-5. He died in February 1945. He is listed in the Lohmann/Hildebrandt Kriegsmarine book, volume 3. If you have this book please look for him.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I am old but slow. I knew dim distant bells were going off on this.

    I have the ribbon bar of EITHER Küster (if post-1919) OR Klaus von Rosenstiel. Both had the same medal bar awards:

    The China medal should correctly be between the long service award and the Centenary Medal by then-current regulations.

    Küster, Carl
    born 13.6.1877, missing in action near Cranz, East Prussia February 1945
    Navy 7.4.96--6.11.19, Volksturm 1945 (company commander)

    Fähnrich zS
    Leutnant zS
    Oberleutnant zS 21.7.01 B
    Kapitänleutnant zS 30.3.06 Ee
    Korvettenkapitän zS 22.3.13 B
    char. Fregattenkapitän zS aD 6.11.19
    Fregattenkapitän zS zV
    Kapitän zS zV

    China on SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm
    XXV in 1920

    von Rosenstiel, Klaus
    born 13.1.73 in Marienwalde, died after 1939
    Navy 10.4.91-7.11.19

    Fähnrich zS
    Leutnant zS
    Oberleutnant zS
    Kapitänleutnant zS 28.3.03 Q
    Korvettenkapitän zS 27.3.09
    Fregattenkapitän zS 22.3.14 M
    Kapitän zS 12.10.16

    China on SMS Brandenburg
    XXV before the war

    So once again, out of tens of thousands of officers, here is a group which COULD have belonged to

    TWO. :banger:

    (edited to restore accent marks-- can't correctly search a name with a ? instead of correct umlaut!)

    Edited by Rick Research
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    I did some further research on this bar and the two officers, Küster and Rosenstiel and have come to the conclusion that the bar belong to Rosensteil. Küster was not awarded the 25 year LSC when he was bumped out of the navy at the end of the war. His contemporaries who where commissioned in April, 1896 who stayed in the navy after the war received their 25 LSC in 1923. Küster was out by then and did not receive the award. Rick did not have access to this information and therefore did not make this determination. So my conclusion is the bar belonged to Kapitän z See Rosenstiel.

    Rosenstiel - Copy.jpg

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    Hi Paul!

    You have now also a date of Death and details about von Rosenstiel's family.... ;-)

    see also: http://www.geni.com/people/Moritz-von-Rosenstiel/6000000024364040233

    Moritz Gustav Klaus von Rosenstiel

    Birthdate: January 13, 1873
    Birthplace: Marienwalde, Brandenburg, Germany
    Death: Died June 3, 1943 in Schlochau | Czluchow, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
    Immediate Family:

    Son of Johann Philipp Moritz von Rosenstiel and Maria Gertrud von Rosenstiel
    Husband of Irmgard von Rosenstiel
    Father of Walter Kurt Friedrich von Rosenstiel; Hans-Jürgen von Rosenstiel and Klaus von Rosenstiel
    Brother of Katharina (Käthe) Agnes Augusta Koppe; Hans Joachim von Rosenstiel; Barbara Anna Wilhelmine von Pappritz; Friedrich Moritz Gustav von Rosenstiel; Wilhelm August von Rosenstiel and 1 other; and Hedwig Sophia Margarethe Freifrau von Sell « less

    Managed by: Thomas Föhl (c)
    Last Updated: November 15, 2014
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    Claudio, Thanks for posting that. I saw it as well. I think he died after his two sons were KIA as U-Boot officers in WWII. This bar will be for sale at the SOS. I contacted the Marine School Archive in Germany to see if I could get a better photo of him.

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    Hi Paul and Claudio,


    This was on Ebay some moons ago. v Rosensteil was a giant of a man.

    Does anyone know whom his predecessor was at 1 Matrosen Rgt prior to 04.16?





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