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    Guest Rick Research

    Lots and lots and LOTS of convalescent hospital group shots. Frontline, only these two

    from a Bavarian named Hans, summer 1915. The leather-clad Kraftfahrtruppen suggest this was a motorized ambulance company. Note the medic 2nd on left has a marksmanship lanyard:

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    Ulsterman's last photo is a Catholic priest, judging from his neck cross. He is wearing a smaller than regulation cross on his cap and what appears to be a regular non-combattant armband instead of the normal clergy armband with its purple central band.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Purple and green diagonal stripes? :speechless1::P

    Christer's photo in 4 and Ulsterman's in 8 are the Prussian Red Cross. That's not an Iron Cross ribbon in Christer's photo-- like Ulsterman's (wearing the medal itself, too) it's the Prussian Red Cross Medal 3rd Class. The red and black of that ribbon blend into what LOOKS like an EK ribbon in these old photos.

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    Guest Rick Research

    WOW. That last one ... one in a million.

    Post #16 is bizarre. The long serving Red Cross NCO is wearing a combatant Iron Cross. He is a civilian. he is a noncombatant. And yet...

    the Boonzaier Hypothesis obviously comes into play here. :beer:

    #19.... I'm sure that corpsman is just hefting a

    :rolleyes:medical hand grenade. :speechless1:

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    Good day Gentlemen.

    Here is the one and only imperial Medic / Stretcher bearer photo from my collection.

    Unfortunately, no further information on the man pictured. If not mistaken, the pole he is holding is part of a stretcher.

    Post number 8 by Ulsterman is a Fellow by the name of Anton Klein taken in the Autumn of 1915.

    He is pictured in Angolia's book on the Red Cross and is mistakenly labelled as bieng photographed in winter.


    Edited by Henry 24th
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    Hi guys,

    thanks for the photos, your efforts are appreciated. I have just finished an update to the page dealing with a bit of humanity in the war. Germans saving a Scotsman, Frenchmen saving a German etc.

    I hope to use all the pics with a few further updates.


    All the best


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    ...speaking of the Chris Boonzair Iron Cross hypothesis:

    from "Feldgrau : 1916"

    pp. 90 "Das Eiserne Kreuz 1. und 2. klasse und Grosskreuz ist am 5. August 1914 erneunt gestiftet.

    2. klasse, schwarzes Band mit weisser Einfassung fur Verdeinste auf dem Kreigschauplatz oder besondere militarische verdienste in der heimat. Weisses Band mit schwarzer Einfassung fur daheim erworbene Verdienste."

    Edited by Ulsterman
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