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    Munkasor Woman's Dress Tunic

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    Yesterday, Saturday 3 Nov., was the day of the November monthly military show in Budapest. I think both Charles and I did very well although I left before him and he may have found the scoop of the show after I left. One of the things I found, and I have the sharp eyes of Charles to thank for this, was a complete Munkaor uniform for a woman. Rare to find women's uniforms of any organization in Hungary but especially rare to get a complete woman's uniform. It consists of tunic, blouse, red tie, skirt, hat and some awards. At first I thought that the awards on the right breast were just put there to attact the eyes of a seller and this may indeed be true. But it could also be just the way the lady wore them although I doubt that. I will have to do some deep thinking before I move these awards. There are two stars missing from each shoulderboard. WHen all stars are present the rank would be that of Szakcsoport Vezeto or P5 on a rank chart were P1 is as high as you can go. My rank chart indicates that someone in this position would have been assigned to the Munkasor headquarters in Budapest.

    I'll start with a picture of this identical uniform as pictured on the Munkasor clothing chart.

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    The collar tabs. I've taken advantage of this post to show the difference in the two sizes of stars used on the Munkasor collar tabs to indicate rank. The collar tabs are all of the same design for the Headquarters staff (Budapest) and the rest of the country. The lowest rank is plain blue with no stars. The next set of ranks tabs are blue with a silver stripe in the centre and they use 12mm brass stars with red enamel. The next group of ranks uses blue boards with a yellow stripe in the centre and 17mm stars except for the most senior rank which is solid yellow with a larger star. I do not know the size of this star but from the rank charts it appears to larger than the 17mm stars.

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    Yep - she is a beautiful one! Looking at the pins - its probable that they all do belong - and it looks like pins for someone who did a good job while in the munkasor and at her 'day job'. I would look hard for some holes made by a medal bar as it she was certainly in the munkasor for at least 10 years - probably more! So she would have worn at least a 10 year (probably 15, 20 etc...) and perhaps even a service to the fatherland medal in bronze, silver or gold.

    The pin that makes me question is the 25 year parade pin - if you take that off then the ensamble is more 'neat' in appearance, but if you look at the period photos - they didnt wear their pins and medals very neat at all!

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    Thanks for the comments on the medals. There is a loose white thread, a fairly long one, inside the left breast side of the tunic and it may have had something to do with sewing on the medals like the tunic you found earlier this year. There is also surface evidence that something was worn on the right breast. I bought a ribbon bar today at the city market about the correct size to put on this tunic. Now I have to see if I have the correct medals to put on it.

    I bought some collar tab rank stars from Sanyi to day but I bought the wrong size. He has enough of the larger ones so I will get them next weekend.



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