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    A Magyar Munka ?rdemrend ?s ?redem?rem -1948

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    Another rare award that I was able to handle recently but once again was not the successful bidder at the auction. The following is an abridged version of the awards description in the NMK.

    "On Feb. 25, 1948 the Hungarian parliament decided to award a decoration to Hungarian citizens to be called ?The Hungarian Workers Order and Merit Medal? to those who had showed excellence and successful interest in: The Three Year Agricultural Plan; Agriculture; Industry; Transportation; Cultural; Social and Construction fields.

    The award would be in four classes; Gold, Silver, Bronze Order and Bronze Medal. The award would be made annually and the following quantity would be awarded each year; Gold-50, Silver-100, Bronze-200 (the book does not distinguish between the number of Bronze Orders or Bronze Medals to be issued annually) So that, at this time, the award will be significant the amounts of 5000.00, 3000,00 and 1500.00 Forints will be awarded the first time the decoration is awarded.

    After September the 6th 1950 the award was altered.(see #513 in the NMK) This award was then called the ?early version?.The original first version was only awarded from August 1st, 1948 until July 20, 1950." (According to the NMK, there were; 13 gold, 58 silver, 260 bronze Orders and 160 Bronze medals awarded.) Pictured is:

    A Magyar Munka ?rdemrend Bronz Fokozata, 1948 (The Hungarian Workers Order in Bronz)

    Edited by Gordon Craig
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    While searching my archives pictures last night, for something totally different, I found that I had a picture of the front and the back of the medal for this award. The picture appaears to have come from this forum at some time in the past but I have not been able to find where. My thanks to whoever posted it in the first place. The back of the Order and the Medal should be the same.



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