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Lieutenant-General Damdin Tserenjav


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It being some silly US holiday that carries with it significant family infestations, it may take some time to get this all up, but to start off on this group with his awards, part 1:

Sukhbaatar 723 (10 March 1970) -- missing -- ANYONE HAVE IT???

Red Banner of Combat Valor 1416 (no document)

Order of Combat Valor 95 (September 1946)

Order of Combat Valor 552 (10 September 1954)

Order of the Polar Star 1555 (26 September 1945)

Order of the Polar Star 2624 (1 May 1948)

Honorary Medal of Combat No. 1341 (no document)

Khalkin Gol Medal

Medal "We Won" 904 (6 June 1946)

25th Anniversary of the Revolution 13405 (suspension repaired) (17 August 1946)

There are two other entries in the order book (see later on) which I cannot decipher at present. One is a missing Polar Star.

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Part 2.

30th Anniversary of Khalkin Gol

50th Anniversary of MPA

50th Anniversary of Revolution

50th Anniversary of State Security

30th Anniversary of Victory

40th Anniversary of Khalkin Gol

60th Anniversary of Revolution

70th Anniversary of Revoluition

Brotherhood in Arms

Border Buard #305

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A VERY interesting point--

ARE awards to foreigners in the Soviet archives?

I have seen nothing come back in the other direction for foreign awards to Soviets. :(


Yes. NavyFCO has posted examples of Soviet award record cards for American general officers who received Soviet orders during WW II.



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