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Communist Romanian 10 Medal Bar.

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Hallo Gents :cheers:

At a recent Collectors Fair in Brasov I spotted this bar, sorry in advance for the poor pictures,

glare from the overhead lights, and the owner would not trust me to take it away and make pictures near the windows :(

The medals are:

1. Order of the 23rd of August. 2nd Class (?)

2. Order of Military Merit I st Class.

3. Commemoration of 5 years Liberation from the Fascists

4. Outstanding Service to State, R.P.R. issue.

5. 50th Commemoration of the Peasants Revolution. (of 1907) RARE!!!

6. Exemplary Military Service Medal / "VIRTUTEA OSTASEASCA" CL.1

7. Military Merit Medal I st Class,

8. Military Merit Medal 2 nd Class,

9. Workers Medal for Labor,

10. Liberation from Fascism Medal.

The bar was not for sale and if it was knowing the seller the price would be to rich for my blood!!!

Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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Were they mounted by being sewn in, or on a Soviet-style backing with ends of each ribbon tucked in under metal bars and loops? If so, you'd have been able to feel all the "lumps" under the backing cloth.

I have never seen that 5th Anniversary one. That one looks niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

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Hallo Gents :cheers:

thanks for your replies, the 4th medal was the only one I could not find in my reference book,

which is notoriously full of inaccurate info at the best of times. :blush:

With regards the 23rd of August medal, I believe commemorates the day the Romanian Military went over to the Russians

in WW2, more info will be posted as I find it out.

Ricky, as far as I can remember, the bar is of very similar construction to the Soviet Style.

The same dealer had this Romanian State Security Award (again sorry for the poor picture).

Order for "Outstanding Achievements in the Defence of the Public Order of the State."

1st Model Class III R.P.R. (1947-1965) also known as:

"The Securitate Order".

The picture of the rear was unusable due to reflection of the lights :(

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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