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    Small Nevsky Group

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    A small group with order booklet for Ilya Andreevich Shakurov Order of Alexander Nevsky no 20442, Order of the Red Star no 637201, and a missing Order of Red Banner no. 206887. This is another group that I purchased over 10 years ago when I first starting collecting Soviet Medals. I really did not have a handle on what I wanted to collect and just purchased items that appealed to me. Not the way to collect but it has served me well over the years. With the recent spike in pricing for Nevsky Medals I will have to have this set researched.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Oh yeah-- you have GOT to get the Awards Record Card on him--

    May 1944 Red Star, Red Banner in the 3 November 1944 long service range (20 years in... must have been a Lt Col anyway...) and that Nevsky ALSO most likely November-December 1944.

    A very short but BUSY war, all in the last 6 months of 1944.

    Sounds like somebody who may have been stationed in the Far Eaat and only got sent to the active front late.

    That might also be a "real" Red Banner in the initial mass long service awrads range, since I think more junior officers for Nevskys-- company or battalion commanders.

    I've got to agree-- I think I paid about $200 for my Nevsky, plus research later. Now.... :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

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    Guest Rick Research

    I once had a BOX of Red Banners in my paws and got :sleep: looking through them all same old same old--in those individual plastic medal sleeves-- at "take any you want for


    Last time I ever saw any "live" ones at a show around here, too.

    Cave men didn't know the wooly mammoths were extinct until their bellies wouldn't stop growling. :catjava::banger:

    But I collected EXACTLY the way James did. What first appealed to me were Soviet Generals uniforms that I could get for $180-- as if I was buying Wehrmacht officers' uniforms in 1975. Turned up my nose at $150 screwback Badges of Honor because those were Tractor Quota awards. So I bought a LOT of $180 uniforms that...

    are still worth $180...

    while all those then-$150 BOHs are now



    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh well.

    I'd hate to travel back into THAT time and have to relive the whole Monica-thing all over again....

    I'm happy with what I got, and that I got what I did when I did.

    Remember when we put off getting research from Igor because it cost AS MUCH AS the awards did? :rolleyes:

    Welllllllllll, THAT'S no longer a "problem" is it?

    Research Nevsky!

    Research Nevsky!

    Research Nevsky!!! :cheers:

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    I remember selling (and having trouble selling) a roll (that's how I shipped them) of 15 Red Banners.

    I sold them for $20 each.

    I paid $18 each for them, so I was happy I made a profit.

    Yes, I am going to be sick now................................


    Hard to believe that that one role would be 3000 dollars today!!!!! Sorry Dave, I had to do it! :cheeky::lol:

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    For $200 you hardly get a post-WWII Red Banner today! :speechless:

    Dear Bryan,

    the starting price at the dealers-market for a post-WWII-RB is at moment USD 325,- :speechless1: . Have a look at Eugene's website: http://www.russianglory.com/soviet_orders.htm

    Igor offers now a Nevsky T3 (rather similar to Jim's one) for USD 2.500,-: http://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=18202

    Best regards :beer:


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