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    '85 version of the Order of the Patriotic War

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Soviet medals! Start out (and save the money for this) with the necessary McDaniel and Schmitt book The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals. It is just what the title says! Only the phrase "you muist buy this"is missing from the title. It isn't cheap, but will save you both money and distress far beyond the pricetag. Knowledge is your necessary friend.

    See, for example: http://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=11010

    Do you have Russian language (I don't and wish I did!). If soo, see http://www.mondvor.narod.ru/ and enjoy.

    Ed Haynes

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    Guest Rick Research

    Numbers on the 1985 are meaningless since this isn't a REAL "Order," but only a glorified jubilee badge given to surviving WW2 veterans along with their 1985 Victory Jubilee Medal. There are little folding stiff paper booklets like those in thinner paper that go with these, bearing said serial number, recipient's name... and nothing else, with "Orders Book" title.

    There were two "classes" just like the real WW2 versions-- average veterans got the 2nd Class (silver rays), generals and war cripples and certain selected categories got the 1st class (gold rays). But even WITH a document, there is no way to tell what or where the veteran was, since only the name was entered.

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