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Dear collectors & friends,

This medal bar was my last purchase for 2007. Actually I didn't receive yet, because the FedEx shipment has been blocked at the airport by the customs authorities... the usual pain in the a..!!! Hopefully I will get my dirty pawns on it at the beginning of next week.

The bar is a genuine and typical Godet product; I love these bars... I couldn't resist not to purchase it!

Although the combination of orders and medals on this bar seems quite uncommon, I don't think it would be possible to identify the original bar's owner. Too bad...

Here is the detailled description of the decorations:

? Preussen, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, 1914 (OEK 1909)

? Preussen, Hausorden von Hohenzollern, Kreuz der Ritter mit Schwertern

(OEK 1789), Silber vergoldet, mit Punzierung 938

? Oldenburg, Friedrich August-Kreuz 2. Klasse am K?mpferband mit Spange ?vor dem Feinde? (OEK 1563)

? Hamburg, Hanseatenkreuz (OEK 688)

? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer (OEK 3803)

? Weimarer Republik, Schlesisches Bew?hrungsabzeichen, sog. Schlesischer Adler 2. Stufe, 1919-1921 (OEK 3303)

? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, WH-Dienstauszeichnung f?r 25 Jahre, Kreuz (OEK 3852)

? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, WH-Dienstauszeichnung f?r 12 Jahre, Medaille (OEK 3854

? Bayern, Goldene Hochzeits-Erinnerungsm?nze, 1921-1935, E (OEK 552)

To me it looks, from the combination of this decorations, that the officer served in the Kriegsmarine.

I would gladly read your comments or thoughts on this bar!



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Very Nice bar.

You know someone with some MS Access skills should be able to take those huge Excell files I saw of all the navy officers and their decorations, and run a query looking for an officer holding the EK, HOHX, Old, and HH and it should spit out an answer. Assuming the files are accurate. Unfortunately, I don't have that skill set.

I've tried using pivot tables, filters, etc, but the files are too big.

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Claudio-- I had it down to navy,

Konteradmiral zS zV Wilhelm "Vater" Rhein (1887-1964)

Daniel to a Marine Infantry/Reichsheer/WW2 army Oberst Hugo Oster (1882-19?? NOT the 20/7/44 Oster!)-- neither with any apparent connection to 1920s Bavarian Royalists. This one will need a photo of the suspects wearing their awards.

I've got the upper row ribbon bar to match (lower Silesian, Wehrmacht 25, Wehrmacht 12, "Christmas 1918," and ?):

No question whose I've got, since it's on navy blue backing. :catjava:

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Stuart told me about Rick's research, but I couldn't find on the forum. But it looks quite good: it has been narrowed down to only 2 possible officers... that's great! :beer: But no cigar, yet... I have to hope to find one day the picture of the officer with this medal bar.

@ Rick: Are there any pictures of Konteradmiral zS zV Wilhelm "Vater" Rhein on the Admirals' Biographies books??

That last Bavarian jubilee medal is really very weird to me...



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Thank you, Paul, for the interesting links.

Interesting the friendly argument between Rick and Werner; at the end it seems that both agreed that the more likely original owner was an ex III. Seebatallion officer an later Oberst in Wehrmacht: Hugo Oster.

Does anyone have the details of his career after WWI and if he was commanding a unit during WWII?



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