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    Stabsmusikmeister Lutz ...randt -


    With dedication on the back


    Can somebody help me with the full name ?

    One interesting postcard - Rosalind von Schirach, she was a singer and the sister of Baldur von Schirach


    Thanks for any input, especially on the Stabsmusikmeister


    Edited by Robert Noss
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    Super photos Robert !

    The rest of the inscription is very easy to read, so on the assumption that if it had been normal writing as opposed to his signature, it would probably be clear, isn't it possible that its just his way of writing "Brandt". I can't think of any other letter, even in S?tterlin, that would look correct.

    People get into the habit of signing a certain way and what they sign doesn't always look like the letter it should be. I just had a look through some of the signatures of personalities whose names begin with the letter "B" in the Bender book "Leaders and Personalities of the 3rd Reich" . Gauleiter Bohle signs with a "B" which although much heavier looks a little like this one ?

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    Hello Gordon,

    You are right, it was my thought too, that the only name that would make sense, is Brandt, but I was confused by the two "B's" in the dedication, but he probably used another style on his signature, as You said.

    I have this photo of a meeting of Musikmeister from the Reichswehr period ( have shown it here already some time ago )


    How about this one ?


    Couldn't that be him ?

    A bit younger, of course, but look at his eyes.

    However, he is not wearing a IC ribbon in the buttonhole. Maybe Rick can compare the Ribbon bars.

    Kind regards


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    Thank You Gordon, I agree - same person. Perfect !

    Paul - I already have another portrait matching with the group.

    Musikmeister Georg F?rst, Bavarian Inf.Regt. 19

    Here is his portrait - uniform is much better to see


    And here is his position in the group-photo:


    The portrait of F?rst also has a dedication and signature on the back:


    And I want to pronounce - that I have got ALL three photos at different times and places from different sources. All are fleamarket finds and only the last one of Brandt was slightly more expensive, cause of his clasp.

    Now - a new goal in collecting for me - get portraits of all of these Bandmasters, and the better - with signatures. :rolleyes:

    Yes, a bit dreaming, but not impossible.

    Kind regards


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    Guest Rick Research

    Some very :love::love::love: ribbon bar portraits with people in them. :catjava:

    Brandt's Christmas 1944 portrait seems to show a Schaumburg-Lippe Cross for Loyal Service in War after his EK2 on the ribbon bar. Can't make that out from his South German style ribbon bar in the Reichsheer group, but I agree that looks like him. :cheers:

    I wonder how an old Bandmaster like him got an EK2 Spange on the Russian front....

    The 1st one of the Gebirgsj?ger private with pre-war pointed shoulder straps is also interesting. He had to pay extra for a fancy double Anschlusses pair like that. :beer:

    The next one of the Unteroffizier I find interesting because he is wearing (improperly, I believe) shiny silver NCO braid that should be dull gray on that model uniform. He's also got a pistol behind his left hip, which is rather unusual.

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    that would be Musikmeister Brandt of the 7. Artillerie-Regiment at N?rnberg in the group photograph.

    Herr Brandt was born on 29 April 1890 and joined the Bavarian Army on 10 October 1908. He was promoted to Musikmeister on 1.2.1919



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    Brandt is wearing two Army Long Service Ribbons on his ribbon bar in the 1944 photo, which leads me to think that he had continuous service from 1908 up till the end of WWII (if he wasn't killed in '45). SO, him being a mere "Captain" eqivalent in rank, even after 36+ years active duty makes sense, I think. Talk about a dead-end job :rolleyes: , but a nice photo. He could have gotten the clasp to the Iron Cross earlier in the war, not necessarily in the East. No way to know for certain.

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