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    As it liberated Soviet cities and villages, the Red Army would routinely accept orphaned children into its ranks . In this October 11th, 1944 image from the 1st Ukainian Front, Guards Captain A. Chernavin speaks with 14-year old Fyodya Samodurov in a village in Voronezh Oblast. Fyodya had earlier been awarded the Medal for Valor for bravery in action.



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    Interesting. I wonder why no "after" pictures are here from later Victory Day celebrations. Some photos of the young WW2 heroes with them as young men in the 50s/60s - probably in the Red Army would be even more interesting.

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    Some photos of the young WW2 heroes with them as young men in the 50s/60s

    Yes, but how can you tell by the photo alone how old was this or that veteran during war?

    Pure guessing ...

    But here comes a good example of such photo ;)

    The youngest pilot (he was born in 1928 and became war pilot in 14 years) Arkadiy Kamanin

    His famous father

    Edited by JapanX
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    JapanX, the point is DOCUMENTED photos of the SAME person at the different ages. It appears the Kamanin images.


    according to the article 2.5 of club rules

    "Use of UPPER CASE:Members are asked to NOT USE UPPER CASE LETTERS WHEN POSTING, this is because it is considered to be SHOUTING and can be construed by other members as being rude."

    Please don`t do it anymore.

    According to this titles under and over your avatar you are "moderator".

    Act like one ;)

    It is all about proof.

    Yes, but even names of some of them are not known.

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    It is true that posts can be misunderstood. But methinks you doth protest a bit too much. Nonetheless, rules are rules. I sincerely apologize.

    I used my meager power to delete the offending post and sanctioned myself.

    Edited by IrishGunner
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