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Often we discuss if the real loong bars from WW1 is real, but sometimes we can find pictures when people have theese looong ribbonbars

Here is a old soldier with no less then 10 ! awards if I counted right and pic dated 1944? on the back with should eliminate most of the Weimar awards?

Anyone who can read the blurry pic? I think he is a Doc?

All the best from Sweden


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Seems to be a very old Stabszahlmeister dR. I think the bar is

1) EK2

2) KVK2

3) HT? or SH medal?

4) Schwarzburg? or either Altenburg or Schaumburg with incorrect swords?

5) SA3X or Cross



8) Hindenburg

9) Treudienst

10) Hungarian Commem.X

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I agree-- a Stabszahlmeister but not a regular army official since he has the civilian Treudienstkreuz.

He was VERY well decorated-- that must be a Saint Henry SOMETHING in 3rd place, and the Albert (I agree, Verdienstkreuz) X and Saxon Honor Cross X suggest a Warrant Officer level person, but not career army THEN, either.

Ribbon number 4 baffles me.

It is entirely possible that when Daniel moves on to Saxony's Second Edition rolls, this fellow may be identifiable from the combination of awards which suggests he was some sort of super-hero during the First World War. :cheers:

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