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    Navy Good Conduct Medal - Engraved


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    Your medal is typical of a post-World War II US Navy GCM. The name and date are actually stamped into the planchet, not engraved. Prior to the war, the USN engraved all of the GCM's with the name of the sailor and the year he qualified for the award. The Navy stopped issuing GCM's in early 1942 as a war economy measure and to cut the paperwork necessary to process non-essential activities. At the end of the war the Navy decided to eliminate the expensive engraving (especially considering the quanity of medals waiting to be processed) and went to using a stamping machine.

    While your medal is correct, the ribbon has been replaced. Your medal would have been issued with a ribbon and suspension as shown in the photo. The Navy stopped naming medals in 1953. The photo is of an un-named example issued from 1953 until they stopped using that style of suspension in about 1960.

    You might be able to get some information on your medal recipient by checking the online Social Security database.

    Thanks for posting it,


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