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    Stupid language question

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    I have just gotten some VERY fake medals and badges for uniforms (which would not, I hope, fool anyone over the age of seven -- I do still need a few others though [Lenin and RB both screwback???]), but I want to drag out the Dremel Tool and scribe "FAKE" on the reverse just to make sure.

    What would this "FAKE" be in Russian (Cyrilic)? I am sure it lurks someehere here, but . . . .???


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    There are two standards terms that can be used:

    . МУЛЯЖ (copie)

    . ФУФЛО (fake)


    Dear Ed,

    you are not a criminal, but a serious historian, who uses the "copies" for his private museum - and you don't want to fool anybody.

    I would opt for "Muljash" ("МУЛЯЖ"), as all museums do so :D .

    Best regards :beer:


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