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    Need Help with eastern front, please

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    I need help with this medal, I know that millions and millions ostmedailles have been produced during the war, but anyway it was faked too; i need help to know if mine is one of them; it looks nice but the part of the helmet makes me doubt so much. This medal have 36mm diameter and the ribbon passed the blacklight test.

    I really apreciate any kind of help you can give me

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    Hello ,

    Even for free I would stay away from this one , In my opinion a bad fake . I do not like the odd shape to the helmet and lake of sharp detail and the raised circular rim that runs around the Eagle and swaz. looks like it was done by a blind person !

    Best Regards,


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    • 2 months later...

    I agree that it does not look too good. The helmet is off and the detail is not good as well. It may just be the pictures. The ring looks off as well. A good look at the reverse of the medal can speak volumes about authenticity as well. It the back looks sketchy it is likely the thing is a fake. Sorry. Luckily you can find real ones for a decent price.

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    Hello there; thanks to everybody in helping me in not poluting my collection, and teaching me a little bit about fakes; I took the advise and kept away from that one :P

    it is a shame that many people works in faking something like that just to earn a few dollars because it is not a so expensive one.

    Again, thanks a lot to every one...



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