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KVK2 to Reichsbank official.

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Your recent finds are totally amazing. Where did you find this? Again, congrats! :cheers:

Hi Paul,

Both the KVK docs I posted today were from Detlev's update last week. Very low price too ! KVK docs tend to be priced quite low, and you can often find very interesting docs which seem to be priced much the same as run-of-the-mil stuff.l

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All the Reichs level KVK without swords are on the same generic printed Hitler/Meissner long form, losing nice stamps and local signatures. :(

Alisch-- a VERY odd name-- MAY have been

Zahlmeister, commissioned 1913/14, in Baden Feldartillerie Regiment 66 in 1914. Held General Decoration Medal in silver and XV Years Service Cross at that point, and retired as Oberzahlmeister. I don't find him on the Baden rolls to see if the first name matches.

I don't have the KVK2X document to Inspector Sprungmann in Hamburg, but here's HIS congratulations from some functionary at The Head Office:

That's right, WITH swords. Hamburg was a dangerous post for banking! In fact, Sprungmann saved the Reichsbank office there during the fire storm raids-- and having JUST gotten the missing KVK2X... all he got for THAT was this nice citation from Walther Funk:

Both Funk and Sprungmann received home service noncombatant EK2s in the First War. Sprungmann never left Hamburg-- so it's ironic that he saw more life-threatening action as a money counter there in the Second War than he did as an NCO in the First!

Just boring old civilian awards.... :rolleyes::cheers:

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Fascinating stuff Rick !!

I have no interest in political awards, but civil can be even more interesting than military in some cases. The one thing that is fascinating about the KVK is that you can find awards to people throughout the whole of German society, all ages, all professions and careers and at very low prices. This one cost me a mere 35 Euro.

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Well Gordon-- be prepared for under-appreciated and lowly "valued" (interest and kaching) to go through the roof.

Civil awards are not only magnitudes scarcer than the endless with Swords (though my civilian "mit X" is another story) BUT they often still come along with a very satisfying cover letter like yours that helps flesh out the STORY behind them.

The more documentatio0n the better! :cheers:

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Yeah I was just thinking that-

another subfield about to become expensive.

Still, I am really looking forward to the book.

I like the bit about 'holding high the banner of the Reichsbank', that is awesome.

I wish I could receive a performance review that Wagnerian.

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:Cat-Scratch: Never saw a Reichs KVK without the Eagle For The Near-Sighted before! :beer:

These are the first type documents. When they decided that Frakturschrift, like S?tterlin, was "un-Germanic" and moved to Lateinschrift, they added the eagle and swastika. There was no exact cut off date for use of the documents as old stocks were used up, but generally by 1943, the second type was in common use.

Same with the military issues, you can't be dogmatic because of the huge range of variants, but generally the early ones in Frakturschrift without the KVK emblem, later ones in Lateinschrft with the KVK emblem, but older stocks of Fraktur documents used up, right until the end.

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