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    That is one awesome set of blades! Thank you for sharing them with us. How long have you been collecting?

    I have merged all of your related posts into this one thread versus having 10 threads with the same title. :cheers:

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    Wow Rick - for a "new" blade collector, you've gotten off to an excellent start!


    Hi Guys;

    I started getting intrested about July 2007 just looking at the various forums and checking out what other collectors had in their collections. I purchased my first dagger SA in December 2007 and the others in 2008. Thanks for your kind words and thanks Paul for consolidating my posts as I said it's been a while since may last post.

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    That's a great looking Army. The wite grip really provides a nice contrast to the silver fittings. Add some nice patina to those fittings, and the white gripped Armies might very well be my favorites. I think that may very well be my next purchase, if an E-Boat badge doesn't find me first.

    The gilted pommel swas on the 2nd Lufty looks great also with the white grip.

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