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    Marshal Khorloghiyin Choibalsan

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    Very interesting, thanks. Though I'd suggest the date is rather earlier, based on what he is wearing.

    Great picture but, I'm not sure why, it bugs me that he's wearing his lenins before the Mongolian orders....


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    And, if we could read it, we might learn something from the legend on the reverse?

    The only thing I could make out was the date....

    It's really bad handwriting which makes a difficult job almost impossible....

    We all know the weird dating they used but this says 1943-10-19, and I think that's the actual date.

    1953 would be too late for Uighur....


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    I think the person in the middle is Sodnomdarjaa.

    Thanks - I also thought he looked familiar. I'll try to zoom in on his awards and see if I can validate based on that.


    For those interested, above is link to very interesting (at least, that's my subjective view:)) thread on Sodnomdarjaa (and his documented Red Banner)

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