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Auxiliary Cruiser,Bacqueville

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As Gordon mentioned in his last thread a good looking Aux. Cruiser badge is hard to resist.I picked this one up today at a local show here in San Jose.It is only the second time i have had a French made badge in hand and i really liked the look of this one despite the fact that the hinge and pin had been replaced.

It came from an old collection too.I do admit i have never been a fan of these French made badges but have always considered them period pieces.


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Hi, I have owned a number of the Baqueville KM Badges over the years and the badge you are showing does not conform to originals I have owned andor handled. Specifically, the hinge block is not the same, the pin is not consistent with originals nor is the catch. Here's an example from an E-Boot badge that should clearly show the differences.

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OK, lack of caffeine... I see your note about replaced parts.... but the block that mounts everything is still a problem for me.

Hello ,

I too have some doubts about this badge , in my opinion this is a cast copy . Besides the crude pin repair job my main problem with this badge is the poor details to the eagle and swaz . I my humble opinion any TR badge with poor details and bad pin repairs should be passed over unless the price is a steal and you want to take a chance on it .

Best Regards,


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Here is the real thing for comparison. This one has had the pin replaced but the hinge, hook etc are the original fittings. Clearly the main difference is in the quality of the badge itself.

Like the French style of badge or not, it can't be denied that the manufacturing quality is perfectly good, with fine detail.

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