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    In the hopes of interesting a new wave of collectors I have added a photo album of images of authentic Imperial Era flight badges to my Facebook page. The album should be viewable to everyone here, but I think (not sure) you'll need to get a Facebook account. It's free and a great way to network.


    So join up and find your friends! Why leave this stuff to just the kids?

    Of course if you join Facebook I'll add you as a friend and then recruit you to help me in my evil plan for world domination!


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    Thanks! A couple of the "younger generation" types were here last night. They are all getting a good laugh about me joining and asking all my daughters' college-age friends to be my friend...... but they sign on anyway. I'll have some new images for the album in a few days. A new Bavarian Issue Badge in silver and a silver Meybauer Navy Observer.

    What I did not do was put up reverse images. I may at some point restructure the gallery to do this.

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    Hi Paul, Facebook is an on-line social networking community. The original was "My Space" but there were lots of issues with predators, drugs, etc. My space tended to be for High School Kids.

    Facebook is more college oriented. You cannot view a full profile unless you get approved by the page "owner". Here's a link to the start page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php

    It's pretty cool, free and when on-line you can chat with people in your "friends", stc. I was also able to create an on-line gallery of badges... all for free.

    So... Join up and then request to be my friend.

    My name on Facebook is Richard Alan Versailles

    Oui! Je suis une homme francais!

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