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    Order of the Badge of Honor #268528 awarded 1957

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    Guest Rick Research

    That's STRANGE-- it falls right smack in the hundeds of thousands of awards made in 1966!!!!!

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    Hi Rick,

    I have not all my data with me, but according to Anatolii Kutsenko, have been awarded :

    * 191 061 : 27.03.54

    * 214 136 : 11.01.57

    * 272 755 : 21.06.57

    * 282 110 : 12.07.57

    * 302 113 : 26.02.58

    I know all is not "linear" but Bryan's one seems to be in the range.



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    Guest Rick Research

    276,582 on 22.03.66

    285,778 on 31.12.65

    403,455 on 29.07.66

    414,086 on 26.08.66

    but also have seen

    268,296 on 07.04.57 (early 1990s notes when seen at show, may have entered it American style month/day rather than day/month)

    Back in the day when Herfurth's pocket price guide was the ONLY reference book, I gave up scribbling in serial numbers noted in dated Orders Books for ciuvilian awards when each page got over-written, so I don't have as extensive a data base as for military awards.

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